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January 3, 2011

Things To Know About Lang BBQ Smokers

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There are different types and sizes of Lang BBQ smokers on the market today. The Lang Company is one of the best and most respected in regard to BBQ smokers. It is the originator of the reverse flow and the off–set–fire–box design which is made of” ¼ “plate steel. The Lang BBQ smoker is designed to both sizzle and sear the meat. They include the following:

1)      Backyard cook

2)      Competitive barbecuing

3)      Curing & searing

4)      Restaurant Use

Each size has   different features and specializes in different jobs. Its temperature usually stays between 220 ° & 240 °F.

Here are a few things that you should know about a Lang BBQ smoker, as follows:

  • It has a steel plate that gives more constant and even heat
  • The plate at the end of the firebox and the plate sides are welded to each other, so that they are shut at the cooking  chamber
  • There is a lip at the end of the steel plate, so the drain valve can be closed off and the plate can be filled with water. Then this smoker serves as a water smoker and the BBQ meat is more tender, than without the water
  • The meat drippings will vaporize on the steel plate, which gives a moist environment  for the meat in the smoker
  • No water drippings will be able to get into the bottom of the tank

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One of Lang’s most popular BBQ smokers is its “Model 60”. This was Lang’s 1st BBQ smoker and is still very well liked. It is the best selling of all BBQ smokers, and has been imitated, but never duplicated by other companies.

On the Lang 60 Model the firebox is on the right side, while the smokestack is on the left side. This creates a difference in  the temperature of the right and left sides, making the right side hotter than the left. As long as the chef is aware of this and makes provisions for this discrepancy, then the meat can cooked to be the same consistency. The “hot spot” is on the side of the firebox and the” cold spot is on the side opposite from the firebox.

Charcoal or wood can be used in this smoker, however most individuals prefer charcoal, due to its taste. Be sure to use charcoal that produces a good clear burn. Lump charcoal will burn faster, however it leaves fine ashes which sometimes are messy to clean – up and have a funny smell. Many chefs like to add wood chips that are flavored, such as mesquite, oak, pecan, hickory, and fruit woods, like cherry, among others. However the wood chips should be soaked in water 1st so that they will smoke a little longer.   During the process of putting charcoal into the firebox of the smoker, many people like to use a charcoal basket, which makes this process easier, and neater.

A Lang Model 60 smoker has a latch that will keep the lid shut and sealed, so that no heat will be let out. Its thermometer is near the middle of the smoker to provide accurate readings.

There are also other styles of Lang smokers that are for sale. All of these Lang products can be found on the internet and include a warranty for future problems or defects. Lang smokers are said to be among the best outdoor cookers on the market.

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